Established in 2001, Daniel Blum Studio offers a wide variety
of fine hand bookbinding services.

The craft of hand bookbinding has been maintained and is constantly evolving in most parts of the world, therefore there are many different styles of binding and various finishing methods. We offer a large selection of both simple and intricate binding options with a superior finish. Each product is meticulously crafted using an extensive range of acid-free materials that will last for many years. Box-making is an integral part of hand bookbinding craftsmanship. We offer the highest quality traditional clamshell boxes for the archival storage of books, prints and other works on paper. To satisfy our clients' specific requests, we design and create the box structures that can be used for storage of art objects, gifts and collectibles, to name a few.
We work with museums, galleries, photographers, architects, artists and top designers from all over the world. We also welcome the opportunity to guide and accompany private customers and art students as they take their first steps toward creating their own books and portfolios.

We offer additional services:
Print productions
Graphic design for books
Books and boxes in large quantities